A Guide To Boat Camping With Your Carolina Skiff

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Boat camping combines the excitement of boating and camping, offering a unique way to experience nature. As a Carolina Skiff lifestylist (or fan looking to become one), you know skiffs are the best boats for this adventure. This guide will help you prepare for your boat camping trip and highlight why the Carolina Skiff is an excellent choice for this activity.


1. Location. Location. Location. 

The first step in planning your boat camping trip is choosing the right location. You need to consider several factors, such as safety, availability of good anchorages, access to shore facilities, and local regulations. Do your research to avoid private or restricted areas and check if permits are needed.

Also, check the weather forecasts for your chosen area before your trip to ensure it is free of bad weather.

Depending on the size of your boat, you might sleep onboard, but If you’re sleeping at a campsite, it should be a flat, grassy area near trees if you can. Setting up camp near a tree line offers privacy, wind protection, and places to hang a portable shower or tarp.


2. The Essentials? Here’s What To Pack

Packing for a boat camping trip requires careful thought. Essentials include:

  • Shelter: Depending on the size of your group, this could range from a small tent to multiple larger ones. Remember, a tent’s capacity is often overestimated. A “six-person” tent is more comfortable for around three people.
  • Water: Bring gallon jugs of water, so you have enough for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.
  • Food: Pack non-perishable foods. If you’re planning to stay longer or want more variety, consider bringing a cooler to store perishable items.
  • Bedrolls: These are essential for a good night’s sleep. For added comfort, consider bringing cots or sleeping pads.
  • Camp Furniture: Folding tables and camp chairs for when you’re hanging out around the campsite.
  • Lighting: Lanterns are critical for night-time visibility. Tiki torches and citronella candles can also help ward off insects.
  • Cooking Equipment: Propane canisters, a camp stove, and eating utensils are necessary if you plan to cook meals at your campsite.
  • Activity Gear: Pack equipment for daytime activities like hiking, fishing, or hunting gear.

Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit too! We’ll talk more about safety in a second.


3. Create Your Float Plan

Before you hit the road, it’s important to file a float plan with a reliable person. This plan should detail your destination, estimated return time, and specifics about your boat and crew. 

It serves as a safety net, ensuring someone onshore knows your plans.


4. Pre-Trip Rundown

Conducting pre-trip checks is essential to ensure your boat is ready for the adventure. Make sure the engine, electrical systems, and plumbing are working properly. 

Ensure all your electronics, including your boat’s battery, are fully charged before your journey. This includes mobile phones, GPS devices, and any other essential electronics you’ll need on your trip.

Lastly, remember to fill up both your fuel and water tanks before you leave the dock. It’s always better to have extra, especially if your trip takes longer than expected.


PRO TIP! Remember to anchor or tie up your boat when not in use.


Boat Camping With Carolina Skiff

Carolina Skiff boats are the epitome of family, fishing, and fun, the recipe for the perfect boat camping trip. Plus, they offer more standard features and fewer add-ons.

Their spacious storage and deck space make them perfect for family trips and grilling onboard, with some models offering the added convenience of a bathroom.

Those looking to fish on their boat camping trips will appreciate the plentiful built-in rod holders and removable coolers, which are perfect for storing catches or keeping refreshments chilled. Most boats also feature swim platforms and telescopic ladders, making water activities like swimming and snorkeling easily accessible. 

At Carolina Skiff, building one of the best quality boats for a great price has always been our goal. Whether you’re looking for a pleasure boat, fishing boat, runabout, or commercial/work boat, Carolina Skiff delivers the most in value, quality, and style. Find a Carolina Skiff dealer near you today, or visit our website to learn more.