The Go Green Fishing Machine!

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What makes this boat and engine package “Green?”

Propulsion: Suzuki 90HP Four Stroke- Three star ultra low emissions

The new Suzuki 90HP Four Stroke is a Three Star Ultra Low Emissions engine. These engines have 65% lower emissions than a one star emissions standard. (A one star emissions standard has 75% lower emissions than a conventional two stroke out board.)

The engine also features digital sequential electronic fuel injection, a powerful 2.59:1 final drive ratio, zero maintenance self adjusting timing chain, offset drive shaft and a new redesigned power head. This engine is the most fuel efficient engine we have ever run on our fishing boats. Now when we fill up for the day, our fuel bill is anywhere from $2.00 to $15.00 bucks for an entire day of fishing. Not only is this easy on your wallet, it is good for the environment, and less consumption of petrol is good news for everyone.

Also available from Suzuki is the smart, digital-monitor gauge. Suzuki calls this their SMIS (Suzuki Modular Instrument System). We installed this gauge and found it to be an excellent tool. An all in one “Wonder Gauge”. The fuel flow info is computerized and hyper accurate. The measurement is taken directly from the engine computer. The gauge can also be GPS interfaced and gives accurate trip info. This information is displayed on a page within the gauge, very handy to have. Fantastic system. You can scroll threw the set up and choose from a large variety of pages to be called up with a simple push of a button.

The Boat: JVX20 Carolina Skiff

Quality and affordability are a good way to describe Carolina Skiff, a proven boat manufacturer that allows great diversity within their product line to suit the most discriminating boater and angler. The economy of boating as always been an integral part of Carolina Skiff. The boat can handle large payloads requiring not a lot of power. Travel further and faster with less fuel consumption! A solid fiberglass boat, no trees were cut to build these hulls. Solid glass with more foam floatation than the Coast Guard requires. An unsinkable boat that is great for recreational or commercial applications. The JVX20 was the perfect selection for JBO TV recreational boating and fishing needs. Also plenty of room for crab pots!!

Tidewater Sensors: Accurate fuel measuring system

Having a super accurate way to monitor EXACTLY what is in your fuel tank is certainly a great idea. Making the most efficient use of your fuel, or remaining fuel can be very important while on the water. Tidewater Sensors are the best and most accurate way to accomplish this task. The versatile measuring system can also indicate whether or not there is water in the fuel tank. For more info. and how to get one for your boat click this link.

Smart Tabs: Increase fuel efficiency 11% or greater, better boat performance.

Smart Tabs reduced bow rise by 50%. These tabs provide a “more level” ride at slower speeds while minimum “on-plane” speeds are significantly reduced. Faster Hole Shot (quicker acceleration by 15% or better): The additional lift provided by SMART TABS not only reduces the minimum on-plane speed, but also maximizes the prop’s ability to propel the boat forward. Trimming the Engine which uses the prop’s energy to correct the boat attitude can be minimized with the use of SMART TABS, resulting in more forward thrust. Improved Fuel Economy (11% or more): SMART TABS help reduce fuel consumption and engine fatigue by creating less resistance and stress on the hull. Though fuel economy is determined in large part by the way a boat is operated, in general SMART TABS will provide a significant improvement.