The fish of a lifetime… Captain Don

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Even though we’ve been filming Hook the Future for over 14 years, it never gets old. Meeting the anglers at the ramp, they are always filled with nervous anticipation and excitement about fishing and being on TV. Today was no exception, when we showed up to Browns Creek Fish Camp in Jacksonville, Florida with our 20JVX Carolina Skiff, Elijah and Cru were there waiting with game faces on.Today my buddy Eddie Cabler and I are gonna tie on some Mirr-O-Lure top waters and see if we can find some aggressive gator trout for these boys to tangle with. We started out fishing the banks of the St Johns. The boys caught a couple of average sized trout, then Elijah spotted some seagulls swooping down on a pod of bait that a school of fish had pushed to the surface. The boys immediately cast in that direction and Bam!…. It was on…. This time it’s a hard fighting jack crevalle. After a couple more tosses at the jacks, we decided to head to a prime spot up a creek that fed into the river. Within two minutes Elijah was hooked up on a nice fish… Then Cru…. over and over the boys landed some  quality respectable Trout. We were getting some awesome shots for Hook the Future… just another day at the office… Then all of a sudden, it sounded like an underwater explosion ……Kabloosh! Cru had hooked a monster! I mean this thing looked like a little tarpon shaking his big head across the surface! What a fish! Then our cameraman says, “we got a problem. Cru’s microphone just stopped working!” Oh No… so I quickly take my mic off and switch it to Cru. It’s not working either, So we call over to the chase boat to bring over the spares while Cru is battling this monster. Finally we get the audio fixed and remember we didn’t bring the landing net…. so again, we call over the chase boat grab the net, and finally land the fish.Wow! It’s a beast! Well over 30″ and 10 pounds! The whole boat was jumping. You can fish all your life and never see a trout like that! Much less catch it as a kid, on top water! It just doesn’t get any better! Needless to say Cru was one happy angler. But I gotta say, the memory of the day for me was Elijah’s response in his interview when I asked him what he thought about Cru’s fish…He was so happy for Cru. Most anglers would be just a little bit jealous of a catch like that, but not Elijah. He talked about how he was so happy to be on the boat to share in the memory of Cru’s catch… talk about good sportsmanship and the right stuff…. this kid has it. You know they say anything is possible in a Carolina Skiff, and most people assume it’s all the fun and catching…. and that’s a big part of it…. but for me…. it’s way deeper than that…Elijah and Cru will never forget today’s trip and I’m so thankful to be a part of that memory…..a priceless memory that you can only get out on the water…yep, Anything is possible on a Carolina Skiff I see it every trip.