Spring Seatrout Fishing from the LS Series

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Spring Trout Tactics

By Capt. Gus Cane

Spotted seatrout and weakfish are among coastal anglers’ favorite targets across the Gulf of Mexico and through the Mid-Atlantic. These tasty gamesters are accessible and very sporting on light tackle. Trout will take a variety of lures, but a selection that covers the water column is essential for any tackle box.

Trout are ambush predators, so low light conditions are great times to be on the water. Pair those periods with noisy topwater floating lures with internal rattles. Retrieve the plugs with a slow twitching movement to create a darting wounded bait action, commonly called “Walking the Dog.” Topwater presentations are generally effective until the sun gets overhead or the surface chop increases.

With more sunlight and rising water temperatures, a mid-column lure will score more trout. Soft plastic jerk baits swimbaits and slow-sinking plugs that slowly descend through the depths will trigger solid thumps. Work these lures over depressions and potholes in the grass flats, creek mouths and around structure like docks or jetties. Most of the strikes will come as the lure settles.

Trout also hold near the bottom, so be sure to take along a few lures that sink quickly. Possibilities include shrimp lures with internal weights, bucktail jigs and soft-plastic touts or shad tails with jig heads. Use a jig with enough weight to reach the bottom yet light enough to feel subtle taps.

Spring seatrout can be found in various habitat, so a versatile craft like the Carolina Skiff 17 LS is a great vessel for fishing this species. The all-new full liner series is loaded with standard features and options to pursue them. With a stable beam and shallow draft, this model can get skinny, run the beaches safely, and is perfect for family fishing fun.  Check out all of the entire Carolina Skiff LS Series today.

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