Spotlight: Carolina Skiff Dealer Castaway Marine in Melbourne, Florida

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Fenwick Brothers

(Greg and Bob Fenwick, the owners of Castaway Marine in Melbourne, Florida.)

We sat down with Greg Fenwick – co-owner of Castaway Marine in Melbourne, Florida – to discuss why he and his brother Bob sell Carolina Skiff and Sea Chaser boats.

As a long-time central Florida boat dealer, founded in 1992, Greg said they began selling Carolina Skiff boats almost 20 years ago when a different manufacturer, with whom they did business, closed down.

“We started looking for a smaller boat line and we looked into Carolina Skiff,” said Bob. “They’re a very good company to do business with.”

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For the central Florida region, Greg said Carolina Skiff boats are perfect for the area because of their inshore and offshore versatility. Additionally, he said people choose the Carolina Skiff brand because the boats, no matter the size, come standard with several features, such as live wells and casting platforms, that other manufacturers don’t offer.

Watch an exclusive clip with Bob and Greg Fenwick, owners of Castaway Marine, here: https://youtu.be/SDlai0px7jA

Because of the features and dependability offered by Carolina Skiff boats, Greg said it’s common for Carolina Skiff fans to stick with the brand year after year.

“I’ve sold boats to generations of people where the parents bought the boat and, after their kids grew up, we sell boats to their kids,” Greg said. “People who buy multiple boats with us, they start off with the 16-foot and then move all the way up to the 20s.”

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Beyond recreational fishing, Greg said Carolina Skiff boats are popular among central Florida anglers in competitive fishing tournaments for both fresh and saltwater events.

“People fish inshore catching smaller fish and then they compete against people fishing offshore,” he said.

Born and raised in Miami, Greg said he and Bob love doing business in central Florida.

“It’s more of a laid back community,” he said. “The traffic, the way of life, is a lot calmer. Most people who fish and do outdoor things are laid back – they’re not high stressed. You don’t have the pressures of the city.”

Overall, Greg said he believes Carolina Skiff boats offer the most “bang for the buck.”

“You get a lot of boat for your money,” he said, adding that Carolina Skiff is a great company with which to do business. “They stand behind their boats. They’re one of the few manufacturers that, if you have a problem with the boat, they will want to handle it. They’ll send you parts for the boat, even if the warranty is expired, to help you out and keep you as a customer.”

Discover more about Castaway Marine by visiting castawaymarine.com.

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