Rig your Carolina Skiff for Waterfowl Hunting

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Versatility is one of the benefits of owning a Carolina Skiff. Some models are known as the pickup truck of skiffs. Others are three-in-one setups for fishing, utility work, and family cruising.

All the above activities are part of life in skiff country. That is the miles of inland water that begins out in the deep bays and ends in the shallow backcountry.

When fishing season ends, a lot of Carolina Skiff owners like to trade rod for a gun, live bait for a good sporting dog. Making that transition is easier when you have the boat suited for the job.

The greatest assets of a Carolina Skiff as seasonal waterfowl rigs are the exceptional shallow draft and 100% composite construction. The functional DLX Series and JVX Series have drafts of just 4 inches. The JV Series gives you even shallower draft at 3 inches. That is unbeatable when skimming across a shallow marsh, or anchoring and wading to a blind. The composite construction means no wood for a strong, rigid and long lasting fit and finish. There are even more advantages to a skiff as a waterfowl rig.

The upturned bow and modified V-hull of a Carolina Skiff are better suited for smoothing out a ride in choppy water, especially when carrying a full load. The result is a drier ride made possible by the hull design that keeps the boat riding over the waves, instead of cleaving and sending splash inside the boat, like a bow rider.

Wide beams and wide-open cabins are a must. You need the extra space for hauling decoy spreads, blind bags, guns, and ammo. Add a dog or two, and the hunters and the space fills quickly. Wide open is a standard design feature of Carolina Skiff. Always has been, always will.

With roominess, gear storage and a boat with 30-plus years of reliability on your side, there is more to tweaking the boat for the sport.

Camouflaging the boat is another must, or maybe not. If using the skiff for transportation to a stationary blind already in the marsh, then you are set. You get the advantages of stability, maneuverability and shallow draft for all the gear and hunters.

Over the years, Carolina Skiff owners have adapted their boats to function as transportation and blinds. You get the above advantages, along with the mobility of setting a decoy spread based on the ever-changing flight paths of weather driven birds.

Portable duck blinds have come a long way since adding a crude setup of burlap sacks, palm fronds, reeds and marsh grass to the hull and gunwales. Lightweight, easy to set up and functional, the manufactured versions make the work cleaner and easier.

A Google search for portable duck blinds will provide all the options you need to choose the right setup. Avery Outdoors’ roots can be traced to boat blinds, and there are many choices available from retailers like Mack’s Prairie Wings.

Best of all, the prep work, like getting your trusty Boykin Spaniel or Labrador Retriever in shape for the season, is the fun part of gearing up for the season.

Visit Carolina Skiff.com and get ready for duck season.