Proper Care of Your Carolina Skiff Will Pay Off During the Season!

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Carolina Skiff owners expect their boats to last for years and years, and why not? The fact is, Carolina Skiff has been manufacturing quality boats for over three decades and owners have been enjoying their boats for generations.


There are several key reasons proper care of your Carolina Skiff is important. Proper care means your boat will last for years and provide endless days of satisfaction on the water for you and your family. Maintenance is simple but an extremely important aspect of owning a boat for better performance as well as maximizing the “value” of your boat when you seek to upgrade to a larger Carolina Skiff model in the future.

The two key things that really impact your boat is the sun and water. Both are part of boating, but too much of either can eventually damage a boat if it is not properly cared for on a regular basis. All it takes is a few hours of upkeep to keep a boat looking great for years to come. To keep your Carolina Skiff shining check out these great tips:


Gelcoat Care Basics:

Avoid causing more harm than good when cleaning the layer of gelcoat. Cleaners that include bleach are a big no-no and so are solvents with acetone and toluene.


Better choices are cleaners with chelating agents that clean on a molecular level and bring out dirt as you rinse. Applying a gelcoat friendly product like Star Brite Hull Cleaner is a great option to accomplish this task.  Depending on how often you go boating or fishing will determine how often you should wash your Carolina Skiff.


Wax, wax off!

With the gel coat all shiny and looking like new, it’s a good idea to apply a protective wax coating to prevent a dull appearance over time.  Be careful with carnauba wax, which is the hardest natural wax.  It is recommended not to use a 100 percent carnauba wax because it would be too tough to apply.  A better choice would be a balance of carnauba with silicone and other solvents to create better protection and maintain the showroom-new shine. Meguiar’s Pure Wax, applied twice each season, is a good choice.

Check out all components, latches and electrical connections:

Simple to do and just a time will prevent a small issue into becoming a larger one.  With sun, water, rain, use, saltwater and more, all boats will eventually need a screw tightened, a latch cleared and perhaps an electrical connection replaced. Not unlike your truck or car, with use and miles, maintenance of many of these simple items is paramount to preventing issues. With your Carolina Skiff, not only is it durable and reliable, ease of maintaining these key areas is simple.


Flush the Outboard!

Easy to do and a must!  Especially if you are running in saltwater, it is important to flush your outboard at every opportunity when taking your Carolina Skiff out of the water and trailing.  Saltwater can cause outboard corrosion. Check with your outboard manufacture for key considerations about flushing your outboard.


Clear the head!

Speaking about “flushing”! If your boat has a head, it needs TLC, too. When pumping the toilet, a telltale sign of trouble is if there is back-pressure in the line. If you feel it during operation, then stop the pump and get to work. You can head off the problem by cleaning the vent’s screen with a toothbrush at least once a season as a part of your standard maintenance schedule.


Save disinfectant sprays, bleaches or any petroleum products for the home. Those products can destroy rubber parts like hoses. Instead, spend a few minutes each week flushing the system with distilled white vinegar. Mix one cup to a gallon of fresh water.



One area that is key is your trailer. Proper inflation of tires, checking tire condition, hubs, bearings, winch straps and tie downs is important. A little “homework” is worth it to prevent any massive issues when traveling with your Carolina Skiff. The last thing any angler wants to be doing is replacing a tire on the side of the road on their trailer instead of fishing!


There are many other areas of maintenance that should be considered, especially as you look at winterizing, storage, outboard maintenance and more. Owning a boat is a passion and commitment.  Carolina Skiff has made it easier by building affordable, durable and reliable boats that are easy to maintain during the season. Using a few of these tips will go a long way for you to enjoy more time aboard your Carolina Skiff on the water!


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