In the Mood to Drift with Carolina Skiff

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In the Mood to Drift with Carolina Skiff By Craig Lamb   Haley Dame Bechet is a typical mom with two boys, a husband, and the family pug. The Tampa, Florida, resident is also a working mom. In her case that covers a lot of busyness on top of her mom duties.

Haley is a hair stylist, author and trained exercise instructor of Pilates, aqua fitness, senior fitness and even mommy fitness groups. She teaches yoga to kids and adults. You name it, and if it involves physical fitness and personal wellness, she likely has a hand in it. Writing songs is another talent. So is spending time in a Carolina Skiff. Put those two loves together, and the result is a cool video that sums up Skiff Life. She wrote, and performs, this song called “In the Mood to Drift.” Watch the video and see Haley performing her song from the bow of a Carolina Skiff J 16. The J-Series is a small boat that is designed for fishing, cruising and all around fun, pure and simple. Stable, easy to handle and built with 100% composite wood free construction, the J-Series is built to last and make years of memories. The modified shallow V is designed to soften the ride and help keep you dry. For novices and skilled boaters, the J-16 makes the perfect skiff-style boat for family fun at an affordable price. Length overall is 15′ 8″, the beam spans 64″, and the boat weighs just 653 pounds. With a draft of only 4 inches, the J-16 can get you just about anywhere you need to go in shallow water. If you want to live the Skiff Life, just like Haley, get started building your memory maker using the Carolina Skiff Boat Builder app. It’s free, easy to use, and you can try out different color schemes and features. Click here to build your J-16. Learn More Visit Carolina Skiff.com Today.