Hit the Wrecks and Rigs for Summertime Cobia

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Cobia, ling or lemonfish. From the Gulf Coast of Texas far up the Atlantic Coast into the Carolinas, Rachycentron canadum is highly valued as a prized fighter and epicurean’s delight. Tasty and sporting, the fish is fun to catch, and summertime is a great time to land a trophy.

Do that by searching for big fish over the wrecks, reefs and other bottom irregularities. If you are lucky enough to fish for cobia in the offshore waters of Louisiana the target is easy to find. The petroleum rigs hold cobia and other deep water species.

The cobia is an inherently curious fish that often rises to check out your boat as you approach a rig or wreck. The temptation is made even more aggressive by tossing out a handful of cut bait.

Follow these tips after locating the wrecks and rigs where the cobia lurks in the summertime. A map and your electronics can help you home in on potential strike zones.

Wrecks and rigs attract a diversity of species, cobia included. Catching them one and all take an equally diverse selection of fishing tackle.

Rig up with stout rods and reels spooled with heavy line. Strong runs are a given, and the heavy tackle is a must. Tie on heavy bucktail jigs tipped with soft plastic grubs for added strike appeal. Casting distance, strong hook-setting power and reaching deep water are benefits of the heavy rigs. Also, lighten up with the same lure setup for sight casting when cobia rise to the surface. Topwaters work, too, and are fun to work across the surface.

Keep a fresh supply of live bait and keep it healthy. You’ll need more than usual because baiting the hook is only one use for the bait. Tossing over a few live temptations is the sure test of whether or not cobia are in the area.

The 26 LX by Sea Chaser have the right combination of size and horsepower rating for making long runs to hunt cobia. Length overall is 25’ 11 with a beam of 103.” Weight is 3,432 pounds with a transom size of 25 inches. The boat is rated for a maximum 350 horsepower. This boat is ideal for bays, rivers, lakes and even venturing offshore.

Simple put, the 26 LX is a jack-of-all trades that meets the needs of fishermen with families who like to fish and play.

The 26 LX is loaded with a long list of standard features. Some of those are twin forward locking rod storage boxes, locking fiberglass hatches, gunwale rod storage with combing boards, storage locker with 5-gallon cast net bucket and lots of LED lighting.

Spacious raised decks offer plenty of space for fishing at bow and stern. Up front is a pair of tackle trays to keep essentials organized, and twin latches at port and starboard open to storage compartments. There’s a 25-gallon live well that keeps bait within easy reach.

At the helm is a leaning post with bench-style seat, complete with backrest, fold-down footrest, four-rod rocket launcher and a sizeable cooler and storage netting. Add an optional T-top for shade and to mount electronics and more rods.

The 26 LX Sea Chaser has been designed with a step hull to ensure unrivaled tracking, turning, fuel efficiency and acceleration. Constructed of 100% composite materials, you get peace of mind knowing this boat carries the legacy of the best-built boat available in the class.

Durability is a foundation of all Carolina Skiff models. Patented box-beam construction produces a solid, durable, no-flexing hull that is completely wood free. You get peace of mind and years of enjoyment knowing that quality construction is a priority at Carolina Skiff.

Get even more peace of mind from the foam floatation used in the hull that exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Foam flotation exceeds Coast Guard requirements, providing positive flotation for shallow draft and quick-planning characteristics. Using more flotation than necessary also creates sound-deadening properties that make the ride smoother and quieter.

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