Getting “Wider” is a Great Option for Fishing and Other on the Water Activities

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For most boat owners, fishing is the key reason to buy a boat. But, having the flexibility to use your boat for many other options on the water will yield even more fun for family and friends.  A slightly larger and wider boat for passengers, gear and other items may be required for different adventures. When you develop your “boat needs and wants” list to meet all your demands on the water, the Carolina Skiff DLX EW (Extra Wide) Series may fit the bill.

Getting “Wider” is a Great Option for Fishing and Other on the Water Activities

Do you only treat yourself to fresh steamed crabs on special occasions? Why not enjoy that delicious seafood delicacy more often by catching crabs with friends and family on your own boat?

When the weather warms up, you can add crabbing to your list of boating activities. Best of all, crabbing is a family activity that is fun, safe and enjoyable for the whole gang.

Setting crab traps, or pots, is the most boating-friendly way to go crabbing. Traps entice the crab inside but don’t allow them to escape. Crab pots are commercially available and easy to use. Besides the trap, you will need other essentials including a pull line, float, bait bag, and tie line and of course, the bait.

You will also need other basic items to determine if the crab is of legal size in which to keep. First, check your state and federal laws to make sure you have everything needed for the task. Some of the must-haves are a bushel basket, lid and caliper to measure the size of the crab.

When gearing up, make sure you have enough rope to anchor the trap to the bottom. Also, consider using leaded line to keep it taught between float and trap. Choose a bright float that can be spotted from afar, and label it with your name and contact information if required by law.

Crabs feed using their excellent sense of smell, so pungent bait is ideal. The fresher, the better, so keep that in mind.

Check your traps every 24 hours and recognize that crabbing regulations are strictly enforced and must be abided by throughout the season. Check your state laws and regulations.

What about scuba diving or snorkeling?  Lots of fun but more space to carry gear and divers is needed.  Considering gear bags, scuba tanks, towels, wetsuits and more, having the “extra wide” space will be an advantage. Plus, the wider and larger platform yields great stability to make the run to get to the reefs, backwaters and shallow wrecks for diving is a great benefit.

An ideal boat for fishing, crabbing, scuba diving or snorkeling as well as most any other family boating activity is a Carolina Skiff.  The pickup truck of saltwater skiffs is the perfect description for the Carolina Skiff DLX EW Series.  This is a great Series to explore when you consider all the activities you may desire to pursue on the water.

The 2560 DLX EW provides a high payload capacity, extra-wide beam and a boat built on 30 years of a reputation for building the best built, most durable and versatile skiffs on the market.  The 2560 DLX EW is one of the most popular in the series to meet the multiple needs of diverse water interests and is a great commercial boat as well.

You get a little more length and capacity with the 2590 DLX EW yielding comfort and storage capacity to toughness and access. Length overall is 24′ 10″ with an ultra-broad beam of 103″.  Draft is a skinny 4,” and you can unleash the power of this work-horse with up to 200 horses.

The bottom line is simple. With the Carolina Skiff DLX EW Series you can carry more weight further and faster using less horsepower. Those unique qualities come from a patented hull design with bow splash-guards to keep you dry from spray over the bow. And positive tracking keels on the running surface keep the boat tracking true while maneuvering without the typical flat-bottom slide when making turns.

Carolina Skiff’s box-beam construction produces a solid, durable, no-flexing hull that is completely wood free. You get peace of mind and years of enjoyment knowing a solid hull is the foundation of any boat.

Carolina Skiff is so confident in its hull design the company warrants the hull’s bottom construction against de-lamination or separation for five years, providing that the integrity of the hull and floor has not been damaged by improper use.

Get even more peace of mind from the foam floatation used in the hull that exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements.

If you love the water, from fishing, running crab traps, scuba diving and more the Carolina DLX EW Series is perfect for you. Check out the DLX EW Series and the other 60 models Carolina Skiff manufactures at carolinaskiff.com.

Also, you can find your local dealer, learn more about the Carolina Skiff brand legacy, and build a boat program on the website. You can also contact Carolina Skiff and request a catalog. Join the community of Carolina Skiff followers at the Carolina Skiff Facebook Page today!