Getting Ready for the Primal Pull with Carolina Skiff

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Spring is the time to enjoy the primal pull along Florida’s South East Coast.

Each spring, amberjack, African pompano, blackfin tuna, grouper, snapper and a host of other species begin ganging up on wrecks and reefs of South Florida and the Florida Keys from 100 to 350-feet of water. It’s a perfect time for anglers to enjoy some of the most brutal tugs-of-war ever on light tackle thanks to the invention of super-braid lines and a wide range of metal vertical jigs.

The set up for vertical jigging is fairly simple; anglers require a stout 61/- to 7-foot spinning or conventional rod with a high-speed ratio reel loaded with 50-to 80-pound test braid. At the terminal end, a rod length of 60-pound fluorocarbon is attached via a Bimini Twist. Then, to protect your weighty investment, install a short trace of 64-pound single strand wire with an Albright Special. The jig is then attached with a Haywire twist, which allows for a small loop to impart more action in the jig.


Color is less important than the style of jig. Amberjack, wahoo, blackfin tuna, jack crevalle, horse-eye jacks and other bruisers prefer long, slender vertical jigs like Shimano’s flat-sided butterfly jig fished with an aggressive, fast retrieve. But those seeking African pompano, grouper, snapper, cobia and other eating fish will find that a slower retrieve with a rounder jig like the C&H Lures Alien jig is more effective. In either case, angles can fine-tune their offerings with a variety of interchangeable hooks.

Regardless of which way you decide to go, one of the top platforms for getting you there is the 24 Ultra Elite series by Carolina Skiff. The Ultra-Series is really three boats in one — equally at home, inshore on local lakes and large rivers, on bays, estuaries, and inshore waters or while deep jigging and trolling offshore. The unique design allows you to enjoy a leisurely day on the water or stow all the cushion seats for a hardcore fishing adventure with your buddies.


However anglers plan to spend their boating days, the 24 Ultra can handle most all conditions and features a step-in console with Porta Potty, rod storage, plentiful lock-able storage and U-shape bow seating with a drop in oval table.


The 24 Ultra is one boat that can meet all the needs from casual day boaters to serious anglers.


Four different Ultra-Series models ranging from 19- to 24- feet in length allow boaters to customize their on-the-water dream for their next adventure on the high seas with Carolina Skiffs’ Build A Boat feature. See the full line up of Carolina Skiff boats at carolinaskiff.com, featuring boats with a verity of options, also check out Carolina Skiff’s loyal following of fans and owners on Facebook.