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Thank you to Kim H. for her testimonial about her family’s 15-year-old 198 DLX.

We’ve had our Carolina Skiff for 15 years – it’s a 2005 198 DLX. Of all the many years and reasons we’ve enjoyed having this boat, nothing prepared us for its importance during the COVID pandemic. It’s become our private oasis – Our little island on whatever body of water we choose where we can have fun, get fresh air and not worry about exposure. We have three children and when they were toddlers they could just peak over the edge but couldn’t get those little legs over the side. Now they love to ride on the bow of the boat as we scream up the river or bounce through the inter-coastal waterway. It’s made this summer bearable for my family and we are so grateful. My husband’s best friend asked if he could purchase the boat and his response was, “No man,  I’m having a Viking funeral on my boat. Kim’s going to light me up and send me off.” I said, “So do you want to go out into the river, lake, sound or ocean?” He replied, “My Skiff will float anywhere. Just pick a body of water and let me go.”

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