Customer Profile: Tim Joyner

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Meet Captain Tim Joyner, our newest Carolina Skiff superfan.

Tim, a Wilmington, North Carolina resident, can often be found traversing the waters with family, out fishing, or sharing adventures with his customers for his charter business, Out East Island Charters


How did you become interested in boating, and what was the beginning of Out East Island Charters?

I first became interested in boating when I moved to Wilmington, NC, for college. There I met a lot of friends who had boats, and we were either hanging out at Masonboro Island on the weekends or just fishing. But as I got older and started a family, living on the coast, it was evident that I couldn’t live here without owning a boat myself.  I didn’t get my first boat until 2017. It was an 18-foot center console that we had for about three years. After being out in the water a lot more than usual due to the pandemic, we realized that we needed a more accommodating boat for hanging out with family, friends and fishing.  That is how we came about the boat I currently own, the Carolina Skiff 21 Ultra Elite. And how Out East Island Charters came about in a way. I just wanted to be able to provide that same experience that I get to enjoy on the water with my family and friends and just be able to offer that to others.

Tell us about your Carolina Skiff. (Make/Model)

It’s a 2021 Caroline Skiff 21 Ultra Elite. We were in the market for a new boat, and after searching through different options, my wife found the 21UE. She did the research, and this boat checked off all the boxes of what we were looking for.  The boat allows me to fish in-shore fishing, which is great in this area and has the ability to go offshore in deeper waters. At the same time, we were searching for something suited for us as a family of five. This boat was a very comfortable ride and had comfortable seating for not only my family but if we have friends and their kids over too.

What are some of your favorite things about your Carolina Skiff?

The bow seating on the boat is probably one of the best compared to other options we were looking at when researching other boats. It allows you just to relax, sit around and have conversations onboard since there’s just enough seating for multiple passengers. I would also mention how the boat is built. It’s a comfortable ride and versatile. It allows for fishing in very shallow waters but also can handle deeper water if you want to go offshore. 

What particular features do you feel set Carolina apart?

For the quality of the boat, it’s a very affordable price. It’s also an overall reliable boat. 

Are you still in the market for a new one?

I can easily see myself getting another one in the future or maybe upgrading to something a little bigger. I saw the 22 UE and the 26 UE. That particular style of boat has the perfect hull built and seating for everyone to enjoy the ride.

What is your ideal day out on the water?

Getting on the water right at sunrise to enjoy some in-shore fishing. I’d do that for a couple of hours until late morning. Then connect with family and friends over at Masonboro Island to hang out.  Enjoy everyone’s company, relax and enjoy the rest of the day. 

Do you have any stories about time spent on your boat that you’d like to share?

A couple of years back, we took the boat from Wilmington to Harkers Island, which is a six-hour boat ride. My family and four other families on a few other boats took the intercoastal waterway up. It was a long weekend of hanging out on the water, taking in the sites along the waterway, and visiting Shackleford Banks, known for big shells and wild horses on the beach. Normally you’d hop in your car and drive somewhere like that. To be able to pack your boat up and go and create memories like that felt like one of those once-in-a-lifetime instances.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

If anyone’s in the market for a boat, I can’t say enough about how much I love my Carolina Skiff. We had a long list of things our boat needed to have, and it’s tough to find a boat that you can fish off of, use recreationally and accommodate family, and the Ultra League does exactly that. It’s like the perfect boat for multipurpose use. 


At Carolina Skiff, building one of the best quality boats for a great price has always been our goal. Whether you’re looking for a recreational boat, fishing boat, runabout or commercial/work boat, Carolina Skiff delivers the most in value, quality, and style. Find a Carolina Skiff dealer near you today, or visit https://carolinaskiff.com/ to learn more. If you’re in the Wilmington area or planning to be, don’t forget to check out Out East Island Charters and plan an excursion.