Customer Profile: Chris McIntosh – 26 Ultra Elite

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Captain Chris McIntosh spends time on the water as often as possible. Whether he’s cruising alone, fishing with friends or running a charter trip through his business Island Catch Charters, he finds time on the water energizing and restorative.  A longtime fan of Carolina Skiff’s Sea Chaser boats, he at one time owned a 2016 Sea Chaser 20 HFC, and he recently replaced his beloved 238 DLV with an incredible, brand-new Carolina Skiff 26 Ultra Elite. Offering more room for outings with friends or charters in waters off of Jekyll Island, Georgia, the new vessel has earned nothing but praise from Chris.

26 Ultra Elite

Tell us about the process of buying your new Carolina Skiff:  You know I really loved my old boats. I had a lot invested in them.  I had been researching and looking around quite a bit trying to decide what I’d get next. I had been thinking about the Sea Chaser HFC. I use my boat inshore, near shore and offshore, and there are times I need to be in the shallows. I wanted a boat that had a lot of room to move around. I looked at a variety of bay boats.  You cannot beat the value of a Carolina Skiff.  These boats are fully loaded, durable and dependable…all for a great price.

Talk about your favorite features of the new boat, and talk about how it compares to what you had before:  This new 26 Ultra Elite is incredible.  The horse power is almost twice as much as what I had in the 20 HFC.  It’s still eight feet wide, but almost six feet longer than 20 HFC.  The half decks are recessed down further, and I have bow seating that has bolsters all the way around.  It’s so much bigger with so much more walk around room.

This boat cuts through the water with ease. I think the extra weight helps, along with the V of the hull. The console is positioned a little more forward than you might expect. It looks a little odd, but that’s what opens up the deck space and allows you walk around while fighting fish.  I’d call this a bay boat with offshore capabilities. And the maneuverability of this boat is simply amazing.  It turns so sharp, when the power is wide open, it’s almost like a jet ski.  I cannot believe it.  

26 Ultra Elite

What else would you like to mention about your new Carolina Skiff? This thing is shiny everywhere! And it’s not only good-looking, but tremendously roomy and loaded with amenities including a flushable toilet.  This makes it so much more versatile for me, whether for personal or business use.  In my charters, I usually take out about six people at a time, but this boat is rated for up to 18 people.  One other thing to note, the wiring in this boat is really clean. Everything just looks really nice and neat.

26 Ultra EliteAnything else you’d like us to know?  This is just the perfect boat for family outings or adventures with friends. I cannot wait to get this boat out on the water more often.  Charter season is slow in the winter but will pick up in March or April.  This boat was a great purchase. The dealer set up the boat exactly the way I wanted it. I am loving life, thankful for the opportunity to do work that I love and always looking for my next opportunity to be out on the water.

At Carolina Skiff, building one of the best quality boats for a great price has always been our goal. Whether you’re looking for a pleasure boat, fishing boat, runabout or commercial/work boat, Carolina Skiff delivers the most in value, quality and style. Find a Carolina Skiff dealer near you today or visit carolinaskiff.com/ to learn more.

At Sea Chaser, building the best quality boats for a great price has always been our goal. Whether you’re looking for a pleasure boat, fishing boat, runabout or commercial/work boat, we deliver the most in value, quality and style. Find a Sea Chaser dealer near you today or visit seachaser.com to learn more.