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Captain Chris McIntosh’s lifelong passion for boating, sparked by early experiences with his stepfather, led him to become the proud owner of various Carolina Skiff models. He has devoted his time to fishing, providing people with memorable experiences on the water, and spreading the excitement of boating to others. Moreover, he has successfully established his thriving business, Island Catch Charters.

Q: What ultimately made Carolina Skiff stand out for you while shopping for your boat?

A: In the very beginning, it was affordability. When I first started looking for a boat, specifically when I purchased the 2016 Sea Chaser 20 HFC, I needed a more versatile vessel, something that could be used for various activities. My charters aren’t just for avid fishermen but for beginners too. I teach a lot of children and families how to fish. So, I was looking for versatility along with affordability. 

After comparing different brands, Carolina Skiff stood out because of their Sea Chaser line, which offered the best options in terms of affordability and adaptability. They had so many different models and sizes, which really helped me make my decision.

About The Carolina Skiff 26 Ultra Elite

Q: What led you to choose the Carolina Skiff 26 Ultra Elite over other models and brands?

A: I upgraded from the 20 HFC to the 238 DLV, which gave me more walk-around room. The 20 HFC, being a straight V-hull, didn’t offer the beam space I needed. The Ultra Elite series, however, especially the 24 and 26-foot models, offer more floor space and seating. The 26 Ultra Elite, in particular, provides more square footage of floor room than any other vessel I’ve found in its class. 

It has ample walk-around space, allowing me to fish with multiple people on board and have kids fishing simultaneously, teaching them because of the spacious back area. Plus, with a jack plate, I can navigate in shallow waters as well as venture up to 40 miles offshore.

Q: The 26 Ultra Elite is known for its versatility. What features make it particularly well-suited for the activities you use it for?

A: I conduct dolphin tours and shark tooth excursions, among other activities. The shallow draft allows me to beach the boat easily for shark tooth hunting, which is not feasible with deeper V-hulls. The Carolina Skiff 26 Ultra Elite strikes a perfect balance with its deadrise, offering stability at rest and requiring less water to float. Despite being only eight feet wide and having a small console, it is still easy to move around onboard.

Q: How does the maneuverability and handling of your Carolina Skiff compare to other boats you’ve operated?

A: The Carolina Skiff 26 Ultra Elite is exceptional in maneuverability and handling. Thanks to the combination of the jack plate adjustment and the 300-horsepower engine’s tilt, the boat has an incredible turning radius. It can turn sharply enough to compare to a jet ski’s agility, which is impressive for a 26-foot-long boat. This feature is especially useful in tight maneuvers, whether dodging obstacles on the water or docking.

The boat’s weight also plays a crucial role in its stability against the wind, making it easier and more comfortable to approach and dock compared to lighter models that might be more affected by wind. I’ve found it significantly more manageable in windy conditions than some of the other boats I’ve operated, like the 20 HFC, which sits higher off the water and can catch the wind more easily.

Towing the boat is surprisingly easy as well. I use a Dodge Ram 1500, two-wheel drive, and it handles both towing and launching the boat without any issues. It’s quite manageable for a boat of its size, which is a big plus for anyone concerned about transportation.

Q: For potential buyers or new owners, do you have any tips or advice on getting the most out of the 26 Ultra Elite?

A: First and foremost, the 26 Ultra Elite is very fuel-efficient and family-friendly. Whether you’re a charter captain, a solo angler, or someone who enjoys various types of fishing (inshore, nearshore, or offshore), this boat can accommodate your needs. 

Overall, it’s an excellent choice for families or individuals looking for a versatile, manageable, and enjoyable boat. It’s adaptable for many different activities and offers a comfortable, stable ride. 

Just remember, no matter what boat you’re in, learning how to navigate effectively and safely is critical.


Q: Are there any standout features in your Carolina Skiff that you haven’t found in other boats? What makes these features unique?

A: Absolutely. The most striking difference is how Carolina Skiff includes so many features as standard, which other manufacturers often charge extra for. The boat comes nearly fully loaded with essentials, and there are very few additional options needed. For instance, a porta potty, freshwater shower, and Outriggers are some of the few add-ons available. 

The sheer number of rod holders it comes with as standard is impressive, too—twelve under the gunnel, four on the T-top, four in the seat, and eight in the gunnel itself. This setup allows me to have all my fishing gear onboard, organized for inshore, nearshore, or offshore fishing without needing to swap out equipment.

Q: How do your passengers react to the conveniences offered by Carolina Skiff? Are there specific amenities they enjoy the most?

A: Passengers are consistently impressed from the moment they step aboard. The first thing they notice is how beautiful the boat is, followed by the surprising amount of room it offers. The third standout feature tends to be the comfortable seating. It’s clear that Carolina Skiff has designed these boats with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone on board.

Q: Are you in the market for another Skiff? If so, which model?

A: I’ve been considering moving up to a larger Sea Chaser HFC model. The one I have my eye on would offer even more space and is slightly wider, enhancing the walk-around room. Although it may not draft as shallow as the 26 Ultra Elite, I do like its capabilities for going offshore and handling rougher conditions in nearshore and river fishing.

Q: You’ve been a loyal Carolina Skiff owner for some time. What keeps you coming back to the brand?

A: The primary reason is their exceptional customer service and the way they stand behind their products. Any issues I’ve encountered with my boats over the years, whether minor or more significant, have been promptly addressed either by the dealer or directly by the factory. For example, when there was an issue with the T-top on my boat, it was replaced with minimal downtime, which is crucial in my business

Q: Tell us about your ideal day out on the water.

A: An ideal day is any day I get to spend on the water, rain or shine. The goal is always to make sure everyone comes back safe and has enjoyed themselves, which thankfully happens every trip.

Q: We’d love to hear any recent memorable stories or experiences you’ve had while out on your Carolina Skiff. Could you share one with us?

A: Just the other day, while out on the skiff, two young passengers were on the bow of the boat with their father. They were pulling down on a horn like you would with a semi, and they actually got a big ship to honk its horn as it was coming underneath the bridge. The excitement they had was just overwhelming

When it comes to my work, my focus is on safety first, but bringing memorable experiences to people is a close second. 

Q: Could you provide us with some details about your charter company, Island Catcher Charters, like the types of tours you offer? 

A: I offer excursions, dolphin tours, sightseeing trips, and fishing trips. These activities are all about family fun and making memories. 

If you want to take some fish that you have caught home for dinner, that’s fine, but filling a cooler full of fish just isn’t part of what I offer. I want to leave those memories for others as well. 

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

A: I absolutely love it, and I don’t see myself switching to any other brand. I stand behind Carolina Skiff, and they stand behind me and the vessel itself. I put their name out there as much as I can because that’s how much I believe in them. 


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