Carolina Skiff Tips: Spring Redfish Tactics

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Throughout their range, from the Laguna Madre in Texas, through Florida and up to the Outer Banks of the Carolinas, redfish or red drum are among one of the most highly prized game fish sought by inshore and nearshore anglers. Carolina Skiff, one of the most trusted names in the boat building business offers these three tips to maximize your success with reds, no matter where you are targeting them.

Carolina Skiff Tips: Spring Redfish Tactics Throughout their range, from the Laguna Madre in Texas, through Florida and up to the Outer Banks

One of the most popular rigs along the Gulf Coast states is popping cork-grub tail combination, similar to the Deadly Combination Rig manufactured by D.O.A. Lures. This rig consists of either a traditional popping or rattling cork with a tout-style lead-head group suspended underneath it. Usually, cast on 8-or 12-pound light action setups, the rig offers the ability to make long casts when prospecting for fish. It also allows the advantage of adjusting the length of the leader connecting the jig to the float. Ideally, the jig should just skim over the tops of seagrass beds. Fishing this artificial rig is very similar to fishing live bait with a popping cork. Make a long cast and allow the lure to sit still until the ring disappears. Retrieve and pop or rattle the cork a couple of feet. Once the rings and disturbance disappear, repeat the process. The sound of the cork mimics a trout or redfish popping a shrimp or mullet and sounds like the dinner bell to them. The bite will be just like with live bait, with the fish taking the cork under. This is one of the most effective methods of targeting reds in the dark and stained water.

From Florida’s West Coast around Homosassa to Florida’s Space Coast, sight fishing is the name of the game. Most anglers prefer to cast soft plastics like those made by Bass Assassin or Slayer Lures, often opting for natural colors like rust or natural shrimp with a chartreuse tail. Rig baits on weed less hooks and you have a perfect set-up for prospecting, as well as casting to tailing fish. Light-action spinning rods work best, with braided line to help increase sensitivity and casting range.

Further north along Florida’s First Coast to the Carolina, live bait is king. Whether live mullet, croakers or crabs, anglers target big reds in the inlets and passes that dot the coastline all the way to the Outer Banks. Falling tides are generally best, as large schools of bull reds gang up and feast on the morsels being carried out of salt marshes on the current. Anglers want to look for deeper holes, anchoring just ahead of them, then fishing the live baits right on the bottom with a sliding sinker rig. Egg sinkers will work, but a pyramid sinker fished on a sliding fish finder rig generally holds ground better. Check your local fisheries regulations, as many states are requiring anglers to use circle hooks when deploying live bait.

Regardless of your style of fishing for redfish or where you are targeting them, a great asset to catch more fish is to own a versatile boat like the Carolina Skiff DLV series. Carolina Skiff manufactures the most durable, reliable and affordable boats to meet every fishing need and budget.

Carolina Skiff Tips: Spring Redfish Tactics Throughout their range, from the Laguna Madre in Texas, through Florida and up to the Outer Banks

Available in 5 models, the DLV Series size range from the 178 DLV to the 258 DLV. Anglers are sure to love its dry, stable ride, thanks to a 96-inch beam and unique modified Tri-V hull design. The entire DLV family is perfect for shallow water anglers and those that like to venture into deeper waters as well.

Carolina Skiff uses only the finest materials and components in all of its boats including quality stainless steel components.

Carolina Skiff’s DLV Series meets exacting standards set forth by the AYBC and use only the best in marine-grade wiring, connectors, and switches.

All-composite, no wood construction means you’ll enjoy years of use without worrying about rot associated with boats that incorporate wood in their construction. Just like every other boat built by Carolina Skiff, each hull is backed by a 5-year limited warranty against defects and materials.

The Carolina Skiff DLV Series provides plenty of storage space, a wide open deck space, large front and rear fishing decks, rear cushion jump seats, console with an open face for mounting up to a 10-inch flush mount electronic screen and 3 stainless steel cup holders, stainless cooler seat frame with adjusting flip flop back rest and your choice of a bimini top or a T-top, providing you with a great boat for trying a few of these redfish tips for a successful day on the water or a fantastic family excursion.

As you begin planning your redfish trip, give the DLV series by Carolina Skiff a serious look today! For more helpful fishing tips, to learn more about the DLV Series, explore the complete Carolina Skiff family of boats or to locate a dealer near you, visit www.carolinaskiff.com.