Carolina Skiff, LLC. Donates New DLX to Bahamas Relief Effort; Sea Chaser Dealer Rescues Stranded Friends

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In the days following Hurricane Dorian’s devastating destruction in the Bahamas, thousands of islanders and tourists were left homeless or stranded. To help the Bahamian relief effort, Carolina Skiff, LLC. donated a new 2790 DLX Extra Wide to MISSION OF HOPE™ – a Texas-based nonprofit that is working to save lives and rebuild homes in the area.

2790 DLX
Carolina Skiff, LLC. donated a new 2790 DLX EW to MISSION OF HOPE for Bahamian Relief work.

Through MISSION OF HOPE, the DLX will be used to deliver food and building supplies around the Marsh Harbour area in the Northern Bahamas, which is considered one of the hardest hit areas from the hurricane.

Additionally, Ft. Meyers authorized Carolina Skiff dealer Marina Mikes got the DLX rigged and ready ahead of its delivery to the nonprofit, which is slated to do its maiden voyage to the Bahamas this weekend.

“Our greatest need is a reliable transport for these supplies and personnel from ship-to-shore,” said a MISSION OF HOPE representative to Carolina Skiff, LLC. “Only one dock survived the storm, and there are moving shoals a couple feet below the surface between here and there. The spec sheet on your 2790 DLX boat was EXACTLY the best boat size possible for the type of work we do and to reach shallow water areas.”

The 2790 DLX EW is a flat-bottom skiff that is designed to carry large payloads and run through shallow waters with ease.

“The past week in Marsh Harbour and Hope Town, it was made it clear that this is going to be an incredible tool for meeting needs in hard-to-reach areas,” the representative added. “Thank you again!”

In addition to helping MISSION OF HOPE, our Pompano Beach, Florida Sea Chaser dealer Christian Tremblay with Boat-Max also jumped into action to help the Bahamas.

Shortly after Hurricane Dorian left the islands, Tremblay said he received a call from stranded friends, who not only requested safe passage, but also vital supplies for the Bahamian people.

Aboard the Sea Chaser 35 HFC Bluewater Series, Tremblay explained that he and his wife were able to pack the boat with supplies, which were distributed upon their arrival to Freeport, Great Bahamas. Afterward, the Tremblays and their friends hopped onboard the 35 HFC for the harrowing five-hour journey back to Pompano Beach.

35 HFC Pompano Freeport
Sea Chaser dealer Christian Tremblay with Boat-Max in Pompano Beach aboard the 35 HFC Bluewater Series after returning from Freeport, Bahamas.

“We had 7- to 8-foot waves and the boat just plowed through the waves,” Tremblay explained.

The Sea Chaser 35 HFC Bluewater Series during the trip from the Bahamas.

When he initially reached Freeport, Tremblay said he was taken back by the sheer amount of destruction.

The damage throughout the Bahamas is extensive, as seen in this picture from Tremblay during his trip to deliver supplies and pick up his friends.

“You see it on TV, but when you see it in person, it’s even more shocking,” he said. “There’s people who have nothing left – no clothing, no house, no food, nothing.”

At Carolina Skiff, LLC., our hearts go out to the thousands of Bahamas people suffering because of Hurricane Dorian. If you’d like to learn how you can help the Bahamas relief effort, please visit missionofhope.com to learn more.