Captain’s Notes: Chumming Tips

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There are several ways to effectively release chum without making a mess of the boat. The key is to disperse the material into the water at a steady, even flow rate. Release too much and the targeted fish stuff themselves on the chum instead of the baits. Release too little, and they might not feed at all.

Chum for Saltwater fishing

A mesh bag with a drawstring top is the most popular choice for dispersing frozen chum blocks. Various sizes are available— make sure they are large enough to hold the block. Mesh bags require minimum effort, and they can be reused; to clean, tie off on a cleat and drag it through the water during the run back in. Disposable ones are readily available from tackle shops or big box outlets. Mesh laundry bags from discount retailers are another disposable option.  

Cutting up chum to the best size, the more edges the more scent

Manufactured or homemade PVC tubes do an excellent job of distributing scent and tiny pieces of frozen or dry chum, provided they have plenty of holes. Devices like the Chum-King and Chum Buddy work with either fresh or frozen chum. A simple hand-cranked meat grinder is a topside alternative. Used ones can be found at flea markets and garage sales for under $10. With a section of metal or PVC pipe and a flange, grinders can be mounted to a board and placed in a rod holder while fishing. Add fresh or frozen bait, crank it into a gooey paste and scrape into the water. Repeat every few minutes.

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a great size for chum to reach maximum penetration of scent

dispersing chum to attract fish