A Captain’s Review of the New Sea Chaser 35 HFC Bluewater Series

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Ana Banana Fishing Company Captain Joel Brandenburg, from Marathon Key, Florida, toured the new Sea Chaser 35 HFC Bluewater Series by Carolina Skiff, LLC. – the company’s biggest and boldest offshore boat yet.


Based on his years as a charter captain, Brandenburg said the new 35 HFC is a fishing enthusiast’s dream because of it many angler-friendly features and amenities. In fact, he said the first thing that jumped out to him was the its two huge live wells –with one in the rear and one in the leaning post.

“For Sea Chaser to put two live wells on the boat tells me that they know what anglers want and need,” said Brandenburg during his visit to the company’s Waycross, GA. headquarters. “Sometimes I’ll be going out with a live well full of pinfish for bait, but I’ll be wanting to target other fish toward the end of the trip, so I’ll also have a live well full of shrimp. If I put the shrimp in the same live well with the pinfish, then by the time I get to the hole where I’m going to use the shrimp, all the shrimp would be eaten up by the pinfish. So I have to keep them separated.”

Other fishing features he noted is the boat’s rear fold-away bench seats, which not only accommodate multiple people, but can be folded up to allow room for fighting a fish.


Compared to other boats on the market where the fish box is commonly in the center of the boat, Brandenburg said the 35 HFC’s rear in-floor, removable fish box is much more convenient for anglers.

“A lot of the boats nowadays have a coffin box in the middle of the boat, and when you gaff a tuna and you bring it into the boat, and it turns the boat into Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” he said. “Instead, right here with this removable fish box being in the back, you can keep all your mess back here, which cuts down on your cleaning time. Anytime you can cut down on your cleaning time, it increases your fishing time. The fact that it’s removable and you can clean it up is a great feature too.”

Ample rod storage is crucial for fishing, said Brandenburg. He said he appreciates that the boat comes equipped with 12 gunwale combination rod and cup holders, six gunwale-mounted rod storage with coaming pads and seven rod holders mounted to the T-top.

One area of the boat Brandenburg said he loves is the 35 HFC’s center console and helm seating. Standing more than six feet tall, the tenured fishing captain said he often feels cramped at the helm of other big boats.


“Sitting in these big seats, the captain’s chair and co-captain’s chair with the armrests that fold up and down, it seems like they made them triple XL,” said Brandenburg of the plush vinyl upholstery, which features new diamond pleating with black welting.

At the helm, Brandenburg said the dual 12” Simrad electronics, which come included with the boat, are a big lure for anglers and cruisers. Additionally, he said the front and side windshields with a fold-down top vent, are nice features that help keep everyone onboard dry in big waves and heavy rain.

“In bad weather, you can hunker down behind the center console and not get wet,” he said.  “It’s a big area.”

What Brandenburg said blew him away was the sheer size of the boat’s bathroom, which is located inside the center console. The bathroom is spacious, offers plenty of storage, has luxurious Corian countertops, an electric-flushing head and a sink and shower combo.

“The bathroom is so big, you could actually change diapers in there,” said Brandenburg, who added that bathrooms are especially important to women and children. “A lot of these big boats skimp on the restroom, where you have to slide in shoulder first and get beat around. The 35 HFC’s bathroom is a big area with a lot of storage and a lot of room.”

For families or big fishing parties, he said the 35 HFC has more than enough comfortable seating, including the bow U-shaped seating area, forward console lounger with an armrest and storage and the two fold-away rear bench seats.


He also explained how the boat’s port-side-entry door improves overall safety because it won’t slam shut or come unlatched in big waves.

“The side entry door has a gravity hinge on it,” he explained. “The door won’t slam on a kid’s fingers or anything else. When you open it, it stays open until you’re ready to shut it.”

Some of the many features that Brandenburg said gave him a great impression are the boat’s six heavy-duty, stainless-steel pull-up cleats, its ample storage throughout the deck, the windless anchor system being located right in the bow and the vessel’s self-bailing deck, to name a few.


“The 35 HFC is a game changer,” he said. “You could take this boat out to Cuba if you want. You could go to the Bahamas. The quality of this boat is just as strong, if not stronger, than any 35-foot boat that I’ve seen on the market, and it’s half the price.”

Discover more about the new Sea Chaser 35 HFC Bluewater Series here and order it today at your nearest authorized Sea Chaser dealer.

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