Carolina Skiff Unveils New Product Lines & Bigger Models

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Carolina Skiff, LLC. is proud to unveil the All-new LS Series, Classic Series, the new SWS Series and a bigger Ultra Elite to its namesake brand!

LS Series

Carolina Skiff 25 LS

Luxurious yet rugged, the new Carolina Skiff LS Series is a completely redesigned, reengineered line that appeals to the whole family! Unlike its Carolina Skiff predecessors, the LS Series has a full liner hull, enhancing not only the boat’s appearance, but its handling on the water for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Choose from the new 17, 19, 21, 23 and 25 LS Series models. Additionally, the 21 LS Series is also available as a dual console – a first for internationally trusted and recognized brand!

Carolina Skiff 21 LS DC

The Carolina Skiff LS Dual Console is ideal for families or anglers who love a great runabout in warmer and cooler weather. In colder weather, simply close the walk-through windshield and enjoy extended time on the water.

The entire LS Series comes loaded with premium diamond pleated upholstered seating, which amplifies its overall fit and finish. Also, the LS Series comfortably accommodates the whole family with its rear deck jump seats, cockpit seating, marine board storage lids with friction hinges, cup holders, cargo storage bags, 70 quart cooler and optional bow cushions, plus a whole lot more.

Classic Series

Carolina Skiff 21 Classic Series

Carolina Skiff combined all the sought-after features and iconic design elements of the popular DLV Series into the new liner hull Classic Series! Geared more toward fishing, the Classic Series liner hull creates a streamlined, fluid ride with optimal performance and handling on the water.

Choose from either the 19 or 21 Classic Series, which come packed with a host of features, including an18-gallon live well, ample front deck storage, comfortable cockpit seating and a removable 70 quart cooler.

The Classic Series is great for hardcore anglers who need a hardcore fishing boat with stainless-steel cleats, flush mounted rod holders and a quick-disconnect windshield for more maneuverability when fighting a fish.

26 Ultra Elite

Carolina Skiff 26 Ultra Elite

By popular demand, Carolina Skiff is proud to add the all-new 26 Ultra Elite to its model line!

The Ultra Series by Carolina Skiff is three boats in one! Whether inshore on lakes or large rivers, in the bays along the coastline or fishing the tidal creeks and offshore exploring, the new 26 Ultra Elite is versatile for a variety of on-the-water activities.

What makes the 26 Ultra Elite special is its versatility for fishing enthusiasts, families and fun. Easily enjoy a relaxing day on the water in comfort, or stow away all the cushions for some hardcore fishing.

The new 26 Ultra Elite comes standard with a variety of amenities and features, including a step-in console with a porta potti, plentiful lockable storage and a U-shaped bow seating with a drop-in oval table.

21 SWS (Shallow Water Series)

Carolina Skiff 21 SWS

Take off and float in super shallow water with the new Carolina Skiff 21 SWS – the newest addition to the popular Shallow Water Series line!

The 21 SWS incorporates all the great features of its 19 SWS counterpart without sacrificing maneuverability. This flat-bottom, semi-tunnel boat series is known for its clean feed of freshwater to the prop while easily running with or without a jack plate. Also, the 21 SWS’ 93-inch beam and long, wide-open deck enhances the overall fishing experience.

The 21 SWS comes standard with a ton of features, such as diamond-pleated upholstery on its comfortable fishing seat, a swim platform and a quick-disconnect windshield for optimal maneuverability onboard.

You can find the new LS Series, Classic Series, 26 Ultra Elite and 21 SWS at your nearest authorized Carolina Skiff dealer today!

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